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St. Basil's Homeschool Co-op started its first classes September 2016. This year we have 13 students ranging from preschool - 10th grade. Classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am to 2:30pm at the new church location. Tuesdays we begin with Matins and Thursday the students sing the Divine Liturgy. Field Days and special events will take place on ocassional Fridays.

At St. Basils we begin Tuesday & Thursday with circle time, math, grammar, handwriting, history, and writing. On Tuesday we have science and music. Thursdays we have Spanish and this month baking. Afterwards, the students are involved in Running Club for 30mins. where they earn shoes for their shoeslaces as an incentive.

Registeration for the Fall is open. To learn more about St. Basil's, please contact Presv. Ashley.



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