Holy Nativity of the Lord (OCA)
2155 Southern Loop Rd., Shreveport, LA 71106
Holy Nativity Choir

Sing praises to our God, sing praises!
Sing praises to our King, sing praises!

The Holy Nativity Choir sings at all services and liturgies throughout the year, adding to the quality of the liturgical life of the parish. Liturgical Choir is an important ministry of the parish as we are all called to serve one another with our time, talent and treasure.

The Choir is made up of talented and dedicated singers who come from a variety of musical backgrounds. Some members are trained vocal musicians while others started singing when they joined this choir. All are united to one another by their desire to serve the Lord in song.

The choir in an Eastern Orthodox Church is not entertainment and not meant to highlight individual talent, but rather a ministry to lead the congregation in prayer and praise. The human voice is considered the finest instrument and most Orthodox choirs sing a capella, or without instruments. If you are interested in being a part of Holy Nativity's choir, please contact Presv Katherine at shreveportjf8gmail.som