Holy Nativity of the Lord
Orthodox Church in America
Christ Is Risen! And you are welcome here at Holy Nativity

Holy Nativity is an eclectic mix of people from various backgrounds. Some are ‘cradle’ Orthodox, while others have converted to Orthodoxy as the result of a spiritual journey. Our former backgrounds include but are not limited to Southern Baptist, Methodist, United Pentecostal, Assemblies of God, Charismatic Non-Denominational, Roman Catholic, Episcopalian and various Reformed faiths. Until recently, the majority of Orthodox Churches in the United States were made up of immigrants who brought the treasure of the Apostolic Faith with them from the Holy Lands, Greece, Turkey, Russia and other areas that once made up the Byzantine Empire and beyond. Fortunately, the theology and liturgy of the Church is now accessible to all as the original writings, like the New Testament, have been translated from Greek and other languages into English. Although the Mission uses English as the common language for teaching and worship, we still value and cherish the cultural traditions that protected, preserved and passed on the historic faith of the undivided Christian Church and seek to incorporate them in our liturgical life in order to enrich our experience together.

We welcome all people to visit the mission. Also, because we understand worship to be a family affair, our older children, toddlers, and infants join us in all services. If you are planning to pray with us one Sunday or attend another gathering during the week, please contact Fr. Jason so he can make sure we prepare a special guest packet for you. This will help you learn more about the Mission, and give us the opportunity to show you how much we appreciate your visit.

We pray your journey of faith continues to move you more and more towards the likeness of Christ. Please know the heart, mind, and hands of the Mission are available to assist you as needed on your pilgrimage. Our desire is to show the people of Shreveport-Bossier the same love we continue to receive from God and, by His grace, demonstrate to each other.

Upcoming Services

Schedule for March   

Holy Nativity is taking the necessary precautions our Bishops have put in place and our nation. The Great Offering “on Behalf of All and For All” will be made each Sunday and Feast Day. Each baptized parishioner and catechumen will be mentioned by name in those services–please take real consolation in that! Father Jason has afew people (no more than 4) to serve in the altar and sing.  Our live-streaming schedule for the rest of March is:

  • Sun., March 22  10am Liturgy of St. Basil
  • Wed., March 25 10am Vesperal Liturgy for Annunciation
  • Fri., March 27 11am Presanctified Liturgy, 5:30pm Akathist to the Theotokos
  • Sun., March 29 10am Liturgy of St. Basil
  • Livestreaming of Liturgy & More  We have already shared a couple livetreamed videos on our parish Facebook Page.  You can also see past videos posted on our YouTube site. 
Daily Lives of the Saints